Reverse Shell Corporation is a community run hacker organization meeting regularly in the South Los Angeles / Long Beach area. RSC sprung out of the Defcon Group "DC562" due to the need to become a legally recognized entity to pursue the goals of our members. At this time, all services (IRC, calendar, mailing list, etc.) have been moved over to this new domain and should be accessed from the locations indicated on this site.

RSC exists to learn. To learn from projects, to learn from books, to learn from the internet, to learn from each other.

We gather as a group to create an environment where we can all improve our skills through study and practice to become better hackers and, by extension, better people.

Therefore, it is the primary goal of this organization to offer opportunities to its members to help us all learn together, build together, and party together (so that we can maintain the proper mental state to learn and build some more).

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IRC: ircs:// (TLS 1.2) WEB CLIENT